Cheryl (Dolby) and her husband Lizzy Alexandr are missionaries with OMT to Taiwan. Watch a video here about their ministry!

Their desire is to see children and their families

radically transformed by God
as He has radically transformed us.
Two-thirds of Taiwan’s 23 million people is working class. These are the laborers, farmers, shop-workers, factory workers, market sellers. Among the 16 million working class only about 0.5% are Christian. And the more rural you go, the fewer Christians you find, if any at all. 
What is the spiritual condition of the working class Taiwan? Many working class Taiwanese struggle with dysfunctional relationships, alcoholism or other addictions, and social ostracism. When they face such problems in their lives often the first thing they will do is seek the spiritual cause of their misfortune. This includes going to the temples to pray to the gods and consult spirit mediums as well as various occult practices like fengshui, fortune telling, lucky amulets, and spirit possession. As the spiritual soil in Taiwan has been hardened by generations of idolatry, superstition, and ancestor worship we have to be creative, flexible, and patient to reach the working class with the Gospel.
We spend our days focused in three areas of ministry. Prayer. We pray that God will break people free from spiritual bondage, heal dysfunctional relationships, and lead them into a transformative relationship through Christ. Building bridges. We build bridges to the Gospel through teaching English and serving as a crossing guard at the local schools, telling stories at the local elementary school, a weekend sports outreach, and regular visits with local business owners. Evangelism and discipleship. We plant and water seeds through telling Bible stories at the local library, yearly Christmas and Easter outreaches, teaching Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship and engaging in spiritual conversations with neighbors and friends.
Join us in bringing God’s transformative Gospel to the working class of rural Taiwan.