The Camp Cherith board and directors are working hard to prepare for a fantastic 2021 summer. The health and safety of the Camp Cherith community will continue to be a priority during this time. As federal and state guidelines continue to evolve, we will continue to make adjustments to fit the needs of the 2021 camping season. You can expect to see updated 2021 COVID-19 guidelines closer to the start of the camping season. Camp Cherith will continue to follow all federal and state guidelines as they pertain to overnight, day, and family summer camps. Updates will be emailed and posted on our website.

The following were our guidelines for the summer of 2020. Please use them for reference to give you an idea on what the summer of 2021 could look like:

Please note the following information regarding our COVID-19 plans for camp.

1. We will be calling all camper families 1-3 days before they leave for camp and asking if the camper has any symptoms that could indicate a COVID-19 infection, or has been exposed to or potentially exposed to COVID-19. If there are any red flags, our nurse will contact the family. 

2. Informative COVID-19 related links:

COVID-19 Business Preparedness Plan/COVID-19 Health Policy

Parent Letter outlining important changes to our program due to COVID-19 guidelines

COVID-19 Waiver for campers: If you won’t be dropping off your own campers at camp or at the bus, please print and sign the waiver, and send it to camp with your campers.

3. Check-in/check-out changes:

Check-in is on Sunday from 1-3 P.M. Check-in will be drive-thru style, with staggered arrival times this year due to COVID-19. If possible, please arrive within the following time frame based on the first letter of the camper’s last name. If you are transporting campers with different last names, choose the time for one of their names. 
A-E: 1:00-1:30
F-J: 1:30-2:00
K-O: 2:00-2:30
P-Z: 2:30-3:00

Check-out is on Friday from 3:00-4:00 PM. Due to COVID-19, we are staggering pick up times. Please pick up your campers at the following times if at all possible:
A-E: 3:00-3:15
F-J: 3:15-3:30
K-O: 3:30-3:45
P-Z: 3:45-4:00

4. Extra items to pack for 2020:
 Because we will be taking daily temperatures, you may want to send a thermometer with your camper. We will have a forehead thermometer for each age group, but it will speed things up if some campers have their own thermometers.
We have been stocking up on hand sanitizer and will have it in every area of camp, but we’d love it if campers had their own hand sanitizer as well!

5. Activity Notes: Because of the need for kids to mix less with other age groups this summer, activity choices will be more limited than in normal years. We apologize in advance that some campers may not be able to participate in their first choice activities due to this COVID-19 requirement.We will modify plans throughout the summer as guidance changes, and as we see what is, and what isn’t working well. Ultimately, I’m believing God for a quick end to the state of emergency, and an end to COVID-19. I’m trusting that God will help campers grow in amazing ways this summer–spiritually interpersonally, and in their skills.