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2021 Camping Weeks

New this year–Ride a COACH BUS to camp for just $50 each direction. 

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Camp Fees:
Regular Camp Fee: $390/$365 if registered before March 1st
Sweat and Serve Fee: $150/$125 if registered before March 1st
Family Camp Info and Prices Here
Horsemanship Class: $100

2021 Spiritual Theme – “Fearless”

Theme Verses:
I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me.
He freed me from all my fears.
Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy;
no shadow of shame will darken their faces.
In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened;
He saved me from all my troubles.
Psalm 34:4-6
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
 I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”
Isaiah 43:1b

2021 Camp Weeks and Themes: (Camp runs from Sunday – Friday)
Boys Week 1: June 20-25 (Regular Camp and BUILT)
*Girls Week 1: June 27-July 2 (Regular Camp and CILT 2) “Time Travelers”*
**Girls Week 2: July 4-9 (Regular Camp and CILT 2) “Only in Minnesota”
Family Camp: July 11-14 (Sunday-Wednesday) “Family Road Trip”
*Girls Week 3: July 18-23 (Regular Camp and CILT 1) “Medieval Mayhem”
Girls Week 4: July 25-30 (Regular Camp and CILT 1) “Cherith Cruise”
Boys Week 2 – August 1-6 (Regular Camp and BUILT)

Mother – Daughter Weekend– September 17-19

Daycamp Option

*(As of 4/9/21, these weeks are nearing capacity. We recommend contacting to find out if there is space available for the age group of your child or registering for a different week.)

**Day camp option available this week. Contact registrar@camp-cherith for more information or to be registered as a day camper.

Specialized Programs:

Sweat and Serve 

Sweat & Serve is a work camper program for girls who have completed 6th grade or higher Campers learn that work can be fun and rewarding.   Sweat & Serve includes quality leadership training, participation in one skill-based activity, daily cabin times, Bible studies, lessons in servanthood, as well as participation in cabin cookout and all-camp game. Sweat and Serve campers will learn new skills through setting tables, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and  showers, as well as other basic maintenance projects. Accompanied by a counselor, these girls will learn to have a servant’s heart and build strong leadership skills.  If you are applying for Sweat and Serve for the first time, download the Sweat and serve application HERE.

Optional Leadership Training Programs (campers in 10th grade and higher can be regular campers or CILTs/BUILTs). CILT and BUILT take two summers to complete:

Camper in Leadership Training Program (CILT) for girls who have completed 10th grade or higher:

CILT 1 (first year): Girls Weeks 3 & 4 (CILT 1s come for both weeks)

CILT 2 (second year): Girls Weeks 1 & 2 (CILT 2s come for both weeks)

Click HERE for the required CILT application form.

Boys Under Intense Leadership Training (BUILT) for boys who have completed 10th grade or higher:

Campers may complete BUILT training during Boys Week 1 or Boys Week 2.

Click HERE for the required BUILT application.

The REAL Details

We are so excited you are planning to come to North Central Camp Cherith!
Please follow this link to Register Online.

For more information upload any of the following forms – pay special attention to the “Important Information for All” form.

Important Information for All

Info for Campers with Dietary Restrictions

Bus Transportation

Packing List Boys

Packing List Girls

Camper Health Form (use only if unable to complete online health form)

Medical Provider Signature Form

Scholarship Application

Special Needs: Campers must be able to function in a group of 7-8 campers independently without one-on-one support. If you are  not sure if your child will be able to meet this requirement, please email and you will be connected with the camp director. He or she can discuss your camper’s needs and help determine if Camp Cherith will be a good fit.

Feel free to email or call if you have any questions. (click here for contact information)


Camper Questions

Sure! Just be sure you both request each other on the registration form. We typically don’t put more than three friends together in a cabin because we want to encourage campers to meet new people.

Talk about an a great opportunity to make new friends! And, you are not alone – lots of campers come on their own. They’ll tell you that Camp Cherith is a super welcoming place where friendships happen quickly and easily. Don’t be surprised if you are making friends before you get your sleeping bag unrolled.

Lots of fun things! Refer to the girls or boys schedule.

Most take place at outdoor locations throughout the camp – the waterfront, horse corral and trails, archery range, campfire circles…we even have an open-air chapel by the lake. Most indoor events are held in the dining hall, where our center stage is located. Click here to see the camp map.

Weekly themes make camp even more fun! If the theme is “Shipwrecked” expect to be hitting the deck with plenty of seafaring activities. If it is back to the “70s” you are sure to have a really groovy time filled with peace, love and bellbottoms! You get the idea…

Camp life doesn’t go on hold just because things gets a little wet! Sure, we prefer sunshine, but rain does come our way now and then and we are always prepared for it with fun alternative activities. It is a good idea to bring a rain poncho and boots – just in case.

Meals are served family style, which means everyone sits down and serving dishes are passed around the table – you don’t stand in line, like in a school cafeteria. Each meal offers variety and no two meals are the same, so even the picky eaters are sure to find something they like. Cherith has a reputation for serving really good homemade meals. Please indicate any special dietary needs on your Camper Profile.

We really try to give each camper their favorite choices, but it isn’t always possible. That is why we ask you to select your top seven choices instead of just two. Campers are assigned to activities in the order their registration is received, so the earlier you register the better chance you have of getting the activities you want most.

Yes, but whether you spend time together is up to you. Campers are grouped in cabins by age, so you won’t be bunkmates (unless you’re in the same age group and request it). Most activities are with campers in your age division. but you’re welcome to spend free time with your sibling. You’re also likely to cross paths during the day, especially at meals or during all-camp activities.

“Some campers worry about being homesick,” says Maran an 11-year-old Cherith camper, “but you’re so busy at camp that you just forget all about it because you’re having such a great time. And at night you don’t worry because you’re so tired from your busy day that you fall right to sleep!”

That all depends on what you plan to buy at the Tuck Shop (camp store). Most snacks are a dollar or less, but the shop also has books, CDs, small toys and souvenirs, and Cherith t-shirts, sweatshirts, and blankets. Prices range from 50 cents to $30.

You won’t because campers don’t carry cash. When you get to camp you turn in your money and it’s put in a Tuck Shop account for you. Any money left in your account at the end of the week is returned to you in cash. Note: If you’re riding the camp bus, $5 of your Tuck Shop money will automatically be saved for your bus trip home.

Each camper takes a swimming test that determines in which area of the waterfront they are permitted to swim. The test can be retaken at any time throughout the week. We use a buddy system for safety, which means you’ll have a friend with you no matter where you’re swimming. Lifeguards are always on duty when campers are at the waterfront.

No – and here’s why…we are so busy at camp with daily activities, mealtimes, worship, playing at the waterfront, enjoying nature and so much more, there’s no time nor need for cell phones!  As such, cell phones and other electronics are not permitted during the camping week. Please leave them at home, or they will be collected at check in, stored securely and returned to you at the end of the week.

Parent Questions

Yes, you may send your child email for a small fee through our website. Email is delivered once a day in the form of printed copies; campers do not have email access. Login to your camper registration, scroll down, and on the left find “One-way Communication (Emails)”.

No, you will not be able to text directly with your child. God has blessed Camp Cherith with such a beautiful area and we seek to provide an amazing experience for the campers as they enjoy God’s creation. We have lots of outdoor activities and are busy throughout the day with activities, worship, and so much more.

As such, Cherith has a ‘no electronics’ policy and campers are not allowed to have cell phones (or other electronics) during the week. You can keep the cell phones at home, or we can collect them when campers check in and return them at the end of the week. You can feel free to send a letter or email if you’d like to help make your camper feel connected while they are away.

Mail travels to camp rather slowly, so write early – even a day or two before your child leaves for camp. It’s always exciting for campers to receive a cheery letter from home. Please don’t send large packages of treats because food cannot be stored in the cabins.

Experience has shown that phone calls to or from home often disrupt the flow of camp life and compound homesickness. Therefore, calls are restricted to emergencies only. Be assured that we will not hesitate to call you if necessary.

We discourage parents from sending a week’s worth of snacks because food items cannot be stored in the cabins. Any food that is not immediately consumed must be stored in a plastic bin in the dining hall. Inexpensive snacks are available Monday through Friday in the Tuck Shop.

It’s normal for children away from home to experience homesickness, but it usually subsides once they’re acclimated to camp. So if you receive a “homesick” letter, realize that by the time it reaches you your child will probably be having a great time. Our staff is trained to deal with homesick campers in a loving and supportive way. You can also encourage your camper by sending letters and emails inquiring about the exciting things they’re doing. Remind them that they’re not missing anything special at home – you’re just doing regular things.

Registration usually begins in January, it depends on which week you’re interested in attending. Some weeks may fill up well in advance while others have openings up until the day camp starts. If you are interested in a specific week or a specific activity, it’s a good idea to get your registration in as early as possible.

We welcome parent volunteers – they’re a vital resource at Camp Cherith! It’s important to understand, however, that your role as a staff member will keep you quite busy, so time with your child will be limited. Parents can serve as counselors, but our policy does not permit a parent to be their own child’s counselor. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Camp Cherith has four clusters of cabins – one for each age division (Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Shikaris, and Explorers). Campers may only be housed within their own age division, so friends or siblings in different divisions cannot share a cabin. Each cabin holds a maximum of eight campers and one counselor. All cabins have electricity.

Many of our counselors are former Cherith campers whose own faith became real to them at Camp Cherith, motivating them to return as adults to cultivate that same passion for Christ in the next generation of campers. Some counselors are parents of campers (though their children are not placed with them.) Others are young adults or college students seeking a meaningful summer ministry experience. Each counselor is under direct leadership of a divisional director, who is actively involved in every aspect of camp life. All of Camp Cherith’s paid and volunteer staff member must go through an application and screening process that includes reference checks and criminal background checks. They also sign the camp’s Statement of Faith. Through the years, God has faithfully provided our campers with counselors who are great mentors and role models for the Christian life.

We don’t want to turn any campers away from Camp Cherith for financial reasons, so we’re committed to making partial scholarships and/or payment plans available to families who are experiencing financial hardship. Download scholarship application above or contact registrar for payment plan details. A special thanks to those who support our scholarship fund by adding a donation on their child’s camp registration form.