Leadership Development at Cherith


Camp offers leadership training for both girls and boys.  The program for girls is called CILT (Campers in Leadership Training) and for boys it is called BUILT (Boys Under Intense Leadership Training).

Both are two-year programs for campers who’ve completed tenth grade and want to develop leadership skills with an emphasis on spiritual growth. It is an intensive commitment, including the planning and implementation of various camp activities, reading and teaching assignments, and finally a week of actual counseling experience on site. It gives participants the tools necessary to serve as an effective staff member at Camp Cherith.

Both programs begin with two weeks at camp. Outside the camping season, the participants meet as a group with their respective CILT or BUILT coordinator(s) and mentor(s) for instruction sessions. Interested candidates should select CILT or BUILT when registering.

Camper in Leadership Training Program (CILT) for girls who have completed 10th grade or higher:

CILT 1 (first year): Girls Weeks 3 & 4

CILT 2 (second year): Girls Weeks 1 & 2

Click HERE for the required CILT application form.

Boys Under Intense Leadership Training (BUILT) for boys who have completed 10th grade or higher:

Campers may complete BUILT training during Boys Week 1 or Boys Week 2.

Click HERE for the required BUILT application.

Other Camp Work Opportunities

On-site work opportunities are available to campers who’ve completed at least sixth grade. These jobs offer a chance to gain experience as Kitchen Aides or Corral Aides (boys) and Sweat and Serve (girls). Participants receive a reduced camp fee. Indicate your interest when you register.

Sweat & Serve is for girls who have completed 6th grade or above and will show campers that work can be fun and rewarding.  Sweat & Serve includes quality leadership training, participation in one skill-based activity, daily cabin times, Bible studies, lessons in servanthood, as well as participation in cabin cookout and all-camp game. Sweat and Serve campers will learn new skills through setting tables, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and showers, as well as other basic maintenance projects. Accompanied by a counselor these girls will learn to have a servant’s heart and build strong leadership skills.



“I enjoyed working in the kitchen with the cooks. It was a way to serve, plus I was able to pay part of my way.” —Shannon