The Real Life at Cherith Camp

Camp Cherith is a place where the love of Jesus is lived out. As a Christian camp we’re deeply committed to teaching kids of all ages how to make Christ real in their lives – not just for a week at camp, but in every phase of life. Our counselors look for teachable moments to share their own joy in an authentic relationship with Christ. We approach each day with an upbeat attitude of praise and worship. With a weekly capacity of just 110 campers, we’re able to create a family-like atmosphere that fosters warm, caring relationships. We create an environment where campers are willing to take healthy risks and try new things.

I love going to camp and being surrounded by all the nature that God created. It makes me feel connected to God and my friends.

Sabrina age 10

Camp Cherith has impacted every phase of my life. The skills and spiritual truths I learned are with me still.

Lauren Topel camper, staff and board member

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