Activities at Camp Cherith

There are lots of activities to explore at Camp Cherith! Each camper gets to choose two activities per week to do five times each (Sweat and Serve campers only get one activity). Too many to choose from? No worries! Some activities are offered during free time or cabin time as well. Ask your counselor to help you maximize your activity time at camp! Not all activities are offered every week, and sometimes we offer special activities that aren’t listed here.

You can try some activities during free time. These may include crafts (girls weeks only), woodworking, waterfront activities, trail rides on the horses, our slip and slide, and more


Campers can earn award pins as they increase their skills during the week, or during multiple summers at camp. Campers start shooting at 15 yards, and gradually increase the distance as their skills improve. We use Genesis compound bows and finger and arm guards are available for use. Trailblazers, Shikaris, and Explorers can take archery class.


Biking is an activity offered for Shikaris and Explorers. Activities may include riding our mountain bikes on the trails around camp, play some biking games, and maybe learning a thing our two about bike maintenance.


Enjoy learning to paddle a canoe on beautiful Lake 6.  Canoeing is offered for Trailblazers, Shikaris, and Explorers. You may learn the bow stroke, rudder, J-stroke, how to safely capsize and get back into your canoe, and more. All campers and staff wear approved PFDs when participating in boating activities.


Crafts is offered for girls of all ages. Our craft projects change every year and range from painting to decorating something such as a mug to leatherwork.

“I like crafts. Crafts at camp are fun. They actually teach you step-by-step how to do it. I’m not the
kind of person that can do it by just free-handing it.”

Hannah, Shikari Camper


If you love to do experiments, this class may be for you! Whether exploring the properties of water, gravity, or viscosity, this activity will offer something different every day. Offered primarily for Pathfinders and Trailblazers, but older kids sometimes join in too.


Drama is offered during our girls weeks. If you love to act and to wear costumes, drama class may be for you. (We have a whole building dedicated to costumes!) Sometimes drama groups write their own skits, sometimes they perform an existing skit. Skits are performed for the camp, and at times, they even make a video presentation of their skit.


If you enjoy getting out on our pontoon boat, fishing may be the activity for you. We usually practice “catch and release” and often use worms for bait. No fishing license needed if you are age 15 or younger.


Learn some basic chords and strumming techniques if you are a beginner, or advance your skills and maybe even help lead worship if you are an experienced guitar player. Guitars are provided for your use at camp.


Campers have the option of going swimming every day (weather permitting) during free time). In addition, swimming lessons (Red Cross Curriculum) are offered some weeks for Pathfinders and Trailblazers. Our swimming activity is a great way to improve your swimming skills with friends in our crystal clear Lake Six. Lessons are taught by certified lifeguards with Red Cross Swimming instructor experience.


Enjoy learning to paddle a kayak on beautiful Lake 6.  Kayaking is offered for all age groups, but is particularly recommended for Pathfinders and Trailblazers. You may learn how to paddle, steer, how to safely capsize and get back into your kayak, and more. All campers and staff wear approved PFDs when participating in boating activities.


Nature Exploration is usually offered for Pathfinder and Trailblazer aged campers. Activities may include hiking, foraging for raspberries (when in season), pond exploration, and more.


Sailing is offered for Shikari and Explorer aged campers. Sailors learn to rig the boats, steer, safely capsize and get back into the boat, and learn sailing nomenclature, such as the points of sailing,  parts of the boat, and, in more advanced classes overboard recovery and right of way rules. We use lateen rigged Sunfish and a cat rigged Butterfly sailboat for our sailing classes.


Do you love the great outdoors? Then outdoor skills (sometimes called outdoor survival!) may be for you. Skills taught may include fire building, use of pocket knives, shelter building, water collection, or much more.


Sports and Games is offered almost every week and is especially popular during our boys weeks. Campers may play variations of traditional sports on or soccer field or basketball court, or may play crazy games that are perfect for a camp setting.


If you love the water, you may love snorkeling class. Campers are taught how to use a mask, snorkel, and fins, and may learn how to clear their snorkel after diving under the water. Campers love watching fish, and occasionally going to new parts of the lake to snorkel. Snorkels and masks are disinfected daily.


Air Riflery (BB Guns) is offered for Trailblazers, and .22 Riflery is offered for Shikaris and Explorers. Campers can earn NRA award pins as they increase their skills during the week, or during multiple summers at camp. All campers and staff wear eye protection when participating in riflery, and wear hearing protection when participating in .22 riflery. Gun safety is of utmost importance. Campers also normally learn to clean their rifles, and learn about eye dominance, groupings on the target and more.


Waterskiing is one of our most popular activities at camp (register early—only 12 spots available per week!). Campers learn to do a deep water start, ski the “dumbbell” pattern, and eventually may learn to drop a ski or get up on one ski if they keep taking waterskiing class behind our Mastercraft Meristar ski boat.  We have a wakeboard too, so that can be used if campers request it.


Our horsemanship classes are assigned based on riding ability and amount of prior riding experience. Horsemanship is the only activity that requires an extra fee for participation (choose “horsemanship” when you register AND your normal camp program (Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Shikaris, Sweat and Serve, or Explorers). Campers must have completed 3rd grade or higher to participate in horsemanship class. For exceptions for a 1st or 2nd grader who has significant horse experiences, contact our registrar. Campers who just want to get on a horse but who don’t want to pay for horsemanship class will have the opportunity to sign up for free time or cabin time trail rides for no extra charge. Campers who ride horses need to wear long pants (jeans, or other non-slippery material), socks, and hard-soled shoes. We have some riding boots available to borrow for the week in a variety of sizes.