Want to help support our horse program? You can “adopt a horse” for one month for $100 or for the whole camping season for $300. Contact horse coordinator Julie Hendrickson at 507-402-6639 or hendrickmj@yahoo.com to choose your horse. Julie will send you updates and pictures of your horse during the camping season. Your adoption fee is a tax deductible donation and covers the cost of hay, grain, hoof trimming, and deworming for your horse. Donate HERE and choose “adopt a horse”. A few horses may change for 2024, so check back for updates. We pay $1545 for the lease of each of our 12 horses each summer, so you may also choose to give for the entire lease price of your chosen horse.

2024 Horse Adoption Update: Liberty, Angel, Amir, Stash, Anna, Missy, Waffles, Howard, Hope, and Elsa have been adopted

Adopt a Horse