Regular Weekly Camp Fee


Register early and save! Camp fee is $415 if registered by March 1.


Register early and save! Sweat and Serve fee is $190 if registered by March 1.

*Discount will be applied automatically if you register and pay the $50 registration fee (or pay in full) by March 1.

from the Twin Cities or Highway 10 Corridor: up to $60 one way or $120 round trip:

  • $60 each way Bloomington, Northtown, or Elk River
  • $50 each way from St. Cloud
  • $30 each way from Little Falls
  • $25 each way from Motley.

$125 per person

ages 0-PreK are free.

Moms or other adults $110, Daughters $65

Email for rates

Discounts available for families sending two or more children to camp.

Camp Fees