Camp cherith is a christian camp near detroit lakes, mn with separate weeks for boys and girls, ages 6 to 18.

Camp Cherith resides on 280 stunning acres of lakes, woodlands, and rolling hills. Our activities promote interaction with nature, so Cherith campers spend a lot of time outdoors surrounded by the splendor of God’s creation. Beautiful Lake Six provides a clean and safe environment for our waterfront activities, and Schram’s Lake offers a majestic backdrop for morning devotions, outdoor chapel services, canoeing, and hanging out with friends. Our horsemanship program makes use of miles of wooded trails and our many scenic campfire sites make outdoor cookouts one of the week’s highlights. Campers are taught how to make Christ real in every phase of their lives while participating in traditional camp activities, focusing on fun, learning new skills, building friendships, and enjoying nature.

We offer separate weeks of camp for boys and girls, as well as a family weekend and a mother-daughter weekend.

What's your favorite place at camp?

The chapel. You’re surrounded by God’s creation and it’s just a place where we always are worshipping and just able to really feel His presence. It is a beautiful place and you know that God is at work there. Another favorite for me is Shikari hill. The top of that, seeing the stars from Shikari hill at night, is just one of the most wonderful places to be. And being able to be above camp and praying over camp and being in that place where you feel like you can truly pray over camp.
Aleah Nelson
Staff Member
I really like sitting under the white tent and looking over at the lake, usually in the morning as the sun’s coming up.
Chad Schlemmer
Staff Member
The dining hall or Shikari hill. The dining hall because it’s where everyone gets together for meals. Shikari Hill is fun.
Shikari Camper
My most favorite is Lake Six. I like to swim in the green zone (deep water). I can go on the shark (foam mat) with a life jacket.
Age 8

Camp Cherith fun fact

We have campers that come from 16 different states and over 160 different churches! Come join us!!

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