Volunteers are the foundation of North Central Camp Cherith!   From the Board of Directors, committee work, one-time event/project work, promoting camp at churches and events, praying, to coming up to camp in a one week position, volunteers bring gifts and life to all aspects of camp! There are many wonderful opportunities for you to be involved in a ministry that impacts campers for life, as well as using your specific talents and gifts to bring glory to God!

CLICK HERE for our project list and volunteer for a project!

Whether you’re interested in doing a one-time project or becoming a member of a specific team, or want to spend a week at summer camp – we’d love to talk with you!

Come up to camp for a week! Summer camp volunteer positions include kitchen assistants, tuck shop managers, teaching activities, maintenance help, and more.  Volunteers receive free lodging and food, and a $125 camper credit to designate to a camper of their choice.

Here’s a quote from a long time one week summer volunteer Beth Davis Salonek:

In 2008, I started coming to NCCC as a volunteer during girls week #4.  There were many opportunities to serve including the office.  I was definitely qualified for that, but was looking for a change of pace from my ‘Corporate America’ day job.  I thought the kitchen sounds like fun!  Now 10 years later I wait anxiously each year just like the kids to go back to camp.  Why?  It is fun!  Yes, it is a LOT of work, but a TON of fun.  It’s not every day you can say you made 300 pancakes from scratch!  Often my sister in-law from California has joined me in the kitchen to share the laughs.The friendships I have formed via this experience are invaluable.  It is not only an opportunity to serve, but an opportunity be a part of a large family of fellow believers.

For More Information on Summer Camp Volunteering:


girlsdirector@camp-cherith.com or boysdirector@camp-cherith.com

For other volunteer teams/opportunities:

Executive Director at 612-615-5842 or



Prayer and Care

Establishes purposeful prayer for camp. Occasional prayer requests and monthly prayer calendars are emailed out. Provides encouragement for the Cherith family. Email prayer@camp-cherith.com to get involved. 

Promotions and Marketing:

Develops annual promotion plan, develops presentations, and conducts promotional events for campers. Coordinates advertising, camper reunions, staff reunions/parties, and special weekends like Mother/Daughter.

Site Management:

Establishes a plan for development, expansion, or improvement of site. Organizes work weekend projects, assigns routine maintenance, and coordinates/supervises work crews. Monitors opening and closing procedures for camp site. Provides input into safety procedures and preventative maintenance.

Summer Operations:

Establishes camper fees and staff salaries. Oversees CILT/BUILT programs. Provides input/assistance to director on staff training. Plans and organizes summer programs. Provides input to director on camp program evaluation. Orders Tuck Shop supplies and ensures that programming has necessary equipment and supplies.

Mother-Daughter Weekend Helper:

Coordinate or just help with one part of this event that takes place in the Fall. We need program, craft, communication, and food coordinators.

Work Weekend Volunteers:

Be on site to perform various tasks to maintain camp.

Grant Writer:

Write grants to obtain funding for special projects and programs.