Mother Daughter Weekend

September 13-15, 2024
(Friday evening – 11 a.m. Sunday)

Craving a little “togetherness” with your mom or daughter (or niece, grandma, sister or special friend)? Then come to Cherith’s Fall Mother-Daughter Weekend. Girls who are in Kindergarten and up are welcome. We’ll supply activities, crafts, humor, spiritual reflection, and (of course) time to kick back and relax. Meanwhile, God will supply a breathtaking panorama of peak fall colors for hiking, pontoon boat rides, and campfires.  This is a great time to just get away and build relationships with your special someone as well as God!

For more information email or click here to register.

Fees: Moms or other adults (grandmas, aunts, friends) $110

Girls: $65

Includes all food, lodging, and activities.  Scholarship applications available upon request.

Mother-daughter Testimonial:

Years ago (probably 9 or 10), a group of us came up for mother-daughter weekend. We are all friends from the neighborhood and our daughters attended the camp during the summer. Anyway – that particular weekend, we brought along a foreign exchange student from Spain who was in her early 20s and was living with one of the families. Nice girl, and her English was just ok. We invited her because we thought it would be fun, a chance to see a different part of MN, etc. So we all make the four hour drive (there were 8 of us) check in, unpack our staff and are walking to the main cabin area when she loudly proclaims “I don’t believe in Jesus!” My friends and I looked at each other, wide-eyed and I said “Oh boy -this is going to be a long weekend!”

I spoke a little bit of Spanish and I remember trying to translate the worship songs (I distinctly remember the confused look when I translated ‘slaughtered lamb’ – LOL) Anyway – it was quite comical for the three of us moms as we made the best of it and we all ended up having a great weekend because we knew God was always in control. Fast forward to now – I recently got together with those same two moms (I have since moved out of the neighborhood) and she told me that student is now a CHRISTIAN!!! Who knows if the seed was planted that weekend, or if it was when they took her to church with them, either way – cool/funny story and we all love God’s sense of humor! I just wanted to share because Camp Cherith holds a special place in my heart for me and my girls.

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