Sweat & Serve is for girls who have completed 6th grade or higher during all girls weeks, and boys who have completed 7th grade or higher.  Sweat and Serve will show campers that work can be fun and rewarding.  Sweat & Serve includes quality leadership training, participation in one skill-based activity, daily cabin times, Bible studies, lessons in servanthood, as well as participation in cabin cookout and all-camp game. Sweat and Serve campers will learn new skills through setting tables, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and showers, as well as other basic maintenance projects. Accompanied by a counselor these campers will learn to have a servant’s heart and build strong leadership skillsSweat and Serve campers pay a discounted camper fee. Note: Girls who wish to participate in Sweat and Serve may register for the program for up to three weeks each summer. 

If you are interested in Sweat and Serve, register for  Sweat and Serve here.

Contact info@camp-cherith.com or 612-615-5842 for more information.

Sweat and Serve

Sweat and Serve Cabin Group

I enjoyed working in the kitchen with the cooks. It was a way to serve, plus I was able to pay part of my way.


Sweat and Serve